Positive Peer Pressure or Bullying?

How wealthy developed countries use the Universal Periodic Review to pressure the global south to accept sexual orientation and gender identity.


Vatican Conference Criticized for Backing Abortion and Population Control Politics

A Vatican conference to promote Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on the environment spotlighted abortion and population control proponents. At the same time critics warn that climate change alarmism ultimately harms the poor.

Friday Fax

Global Abortion Group Exploits Kidnapped Girls to Divert US Humanitarian Aid to Abortion

For years the Global Justice Center has been pressuring the Obama administration to gut the Helms amendment allowing US humanitarian aid to cover abortion. Currently humanitarian groups that receive US…

Turtle Bay

Unconvincing social media message of the day

(full image at bottom of post) Spotted on Twitter: in anticipation of Mother’s Day, the United Nations Population Fund and the Guttmacher Institute would like to remind you that for…

Turtle Bay




Vatican’s Pro-Abortion Guests


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