Best Buddies


C-Fam Supports Best Buddies International

Each year in October C-Fam’s president Austin Ruse participates in the Audi Best Buddies Challenge in Washington, D.C. – a ride, run or walk in support of Best Buddies International.

Why we support this organization

Did you know that 90% of unborn children diagnosed with Down syndrome never make it out of the womb? Ever wonder why?

Fear. Plain and simple.

Their moms and dads fear the life their children will lead and the how their own lives will be changed. What they don’t know is their own lives will be enriched. What they may not know is that Best Buddies was created to make the lives of their children deeper and more enriched.

Best Buddies Challenge

Austin puts together a small team of riders that has raised a significant amount of money for this great organization. We ride for all those unborn babies who will get the diagnosis this year and who need us desperately right now.

Help us help Best Buddies by considering to make a donation to help Austin’s team reach their fundraising goal.

The web address for the Best Buddies Challenge is:

Every dollar you send will go directly to helping these precious children of God.