Archbishop Stresses Longer Term Solutions Instead of Condoms

By Hannah Russo | April 7, 2010

BBC News recently attempted to portray the Catholic Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols as advocating for birth control.

In fact, to the contrary, His Eminence’s full quote reads:

“I think when it comes to Third World poverty and the great pressure under which many women are put by men, I can see the arguments, why, in the short term, [the] means that give women protection are attractive.”

More importantly, Archbishop Nichols goes on to say that what the people in these countries really need is longer term solutions like: solving the problem of poverty and providing the people with security.

So often people focus on these short term fixes by spending millions of dollars on reproductive health services which include condoms and abortions. BBC News should be reporting on the longer term solutions that can truly bring about change, instead of focusing on what is seen as some ‘hope’ that the Catholic Church will change their opposition to contraception.