Are Homosexuals Less Safe under Obama?

By Wendy Wright | February 5, 2013

As John Kerry replaces Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State, the White House made clear that Hillary’s priority of women’s rights will carry on. What, some wonder, will happen with another top priority – a totalitarian insistence on LGBT rights, to the point of threatening aid to developing countries?

Some UN delegates believe LGBT was Hillary’s priority, not necessarily President Obama’s. Ironically, one commentator believes Obama’s overall foreign policy will make life more dangerous for homosexuals in other countries.

Abe Greenwald wrote in the magazine Commentary in 2011 that Obama’s global push for homosexual and transgender rights are empty words since he simultaneously is causing America to militarily retreat from the world stage. In “Obama’s Gay Rights Pander,” he calls Obama’s memo requiring every U.S. agency involved in foreign work to promote LGBT rights, “hollow activism.” Why?

Think about it. At the end of this year, the United States will cease to be a military presence in Iraq. Here’s whose influence will grow in Iraq once the U.S. leaves: Al-Qaeda, whose new leader once shot a male teenage rape victim in the head for the “crime” of homosexuality. You read that right. The boy was first deemed gay for having been raped and then killed for being gay.

Austin Ruse points out there is no need to play identity politics by singling out homosexuals for particular protection – they are covered, as are all human beings, in “international treaties that specifically protect [against] such harms [of violence] including the 1966 covenants that brought the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into legal force, the treaty against torture, and others.”

Greenwald notes:

Although George W. Bush is vilified by many in the gay community for talking about the sanctity of marriage, the freedom agenda he instituted did more for global human rights—gay or otherwise—than any speech or memo that might warm your heart. Sorry if it addressed freedom in the broad and embarrassing language that actually inspires action and not the chic shorthand of identity advocacy . . . The new Obama policy is just more trendy dress for the administration’s pivot away from the defense of human freedom.

John Kerry leaped onto the national stage decades ago by trashing America’s military. Will his and Obama’s low view of America – and of the moral underpinnings that made the U.S. strong – ultimately make the world less safe?