BBC Gender Show: No More Boys and Girls

By Stefano Gennarini, J.D. | August 24, 2017

Here is the description of a two part show which just aired on BBC. A doctor went into a school to indoctrinate children about gender. The show actually documents an experiment. We are reaching new lows in television.

Here is the BBC description of the first episode:

Shocked by the children’s own polarised opinions on how boys and girls should live their lives, Doctor Javid commissions Dr Stella Mavroveli from the Psychometric Lab at University College London to assess between boys and girls behaviour and psychological traits, from confidence to self-esteem, empathy and social skills. Upset by the results, Dr Javid sets out a series of interventions both in class and at home to tackle these differences. Will Doctor Javid’s gender-neutral mission produce meaningful change when he later repeats his tests at the end of term?

In this first episode, the class of seven year-olds are tested across a range of important psychological measures. Doctor Javid is shocked by the results, which are enough to convince class teacher Mr Andre to eradicate from the classroom anything that reinforces the idea that boys and girls are fundamentally different; from the books they read, to the way he speaks to them. The children meet a group of professionals who challenge their ideas about what jobs men and women can do, and later take part in a game designed to test their strength and their expectations of what they can achieve.

What next?