Mexican Supreme Court Rejects Decriminalizing Abortion

By Stefano Gennarini, J.D. | June 30, 2016

Mexico does not have a Roe v. Wade.

Despite fears that the Supreme Court of Mexico would judicially impose a right to abortion on the entire country, the Court may have actually thrown another wrench in the calculus of international abortion groups and their half-century long push for an international right to abortion, even though the decision did not weight the merits of the case.

Flying in the face of hundreds of recommendations from the UN bureaucracy, it rejected a proposal that would have declared abortion a non-punishable crime.

Mexican Lawyer and C-Fam friend Luis Antonio Martínez Guzmán from Human Life International (HLI) sent us a joyful message this morning:

 This was a great victory! Yesterday, thanks to God and all those who made it possible, we were able to put enough pressure to forestall this project that tried to impose abortion in Mexico. It is not a definitive victory. We know it will come up again. We do not now the date yet. But this victory gives us some advantages going forward.