No “Brexit” option: pro-lifers “Remain”

By Marianna Orlandi, Ph.D. | July 13, 2016

More than one hundred young representatives of pro-family and pro-life NGOs recently gathered in Malaga, Spain, to learn how to better defend the life of the unborn in their countries.


CitizenGO, together with the Leadership Institute, organized a one-week Summer School where international legal and social policy experts educated these brave young men and women on the issues at stake at international institutions, that would undermine the protection of the unborn and the rights of the family. C-Fam was there too, presenting its twenty-years history of international battles for human dignity.

Some of the world’s leading fundraising’s experts volunteered to train these worthy youth (such as: Stephen Clouse, Justin Murff and Ron Nehring). They briefed them on the best ways to keep their NGOs up and running.

The greatest majority of participants came from European states. While Brussels’ and Strasbourg’s bureaucrats are constantly hijacking national policies that protect family and life, the youth is reacting; and is determined to succeed.

As Nora Korosec told us, she defends the family because she grew up without a father. She knows how much she missed him. This 21-years-old girl Slovenian represented the Movement for Children and Families (Gibanje za otroke in družine), which already won three national referendums in the last seven years. “We are now aiming at becoming a political party.”

Millennials have experienced the wounds caused by the sexual-revolution. Their commitment mostly comes from their desire to want the next generation to enjoy the “normal” family-life that they missed.

Sarah Benetti, a young English lawyer, works precisely towards this. In the UK, as a member of Voice for Justice, she defends children from abuse. Her organization aims at giving children the possibility to enjoy a life with their own parents: a mother and a father.  “We defend Christians and promote Christian values, as well as sovereignty in the UK”, she stated. Implied in this desire for sovereignty is the fact that the EU keeps advancing a completely opposite agenda.

Defending family, moreover, is not about religion. As the president of the largest pro-life NGO of the Czech Republic told us, “We became widely acceptable in secular society without having to compromise with the ultimate goal, which is the total protection of babies from the moment of conception.” “We emphasize that men have a natural responsibility for the conceived children and for their respective mothers” – Radim Ucháč said – “mothers who are not left alone would not feel pressured to abort.”. The lay public opinion agrees with him. Their last national march for life enjoyed the patronage of the President of the Czech Republic.

Several European governments have indeed openly protested their unwillingness to follow EU and UN directives, whenever they trash either family or life.

Tomas Kovacik, a Slovakian pro-life and pro-family activist, told us about the recent experience of their national referendum on the family. Even though it failed, he described it as an unexpected success. One fifth of the population voted, 90% in favor of the family. “Why stopping now?”. “We are here to become more professional. We owe it to the children.”.

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