Obama Administration Pressures Kenyans to Legalize Abortion

By Hannah Russo | April 15, 2010

Recently, the parliament of pro-life Kenya approved a revised Constitution.  LifeNews reports that this revised Constitution “contains a section with a health exception that essentially opens the nation to unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy for any reason.”  This is very troubling because Kenya is a pro-life country. According to a poll conducted last month 69% of Kenyans are against abortion, while 9% of Kenyans support abortion.

The US Ambassador to Kenya, Michael Ranneberger, has made strong statements encouraging the people to pass the new Constitution regardless of its language on abortion. He states that, “[u]nity in support of the draft will bring the Kenyan people together and establish a framework which will greatly improve prospects for democratic stability and shared prosperity for all Kenyans.”

He has even suggested that the Obama administration fund a campaign to encourage Kenyans to support the Constitution.

Kenyans vote on the Constitution this July and a majority vote is required in order for it to pass.