Pro-abortion U.S. Senators to Trump: Pro-life policies are attack on women

By Lisa Correnti | May 3, 2017

Access to abortion has nothing to do with promoting women’s health yet U.S. lawmakers who support abortion rights and the funding of abortion groups with U.S. taxpayor money continue to use Planned Parenthood talking points to incite animus against President Trump accusing his policy decisions of being anti-women.

This week a group of 31 democrat senators lead by one of the most ardent abortion rights advocates in the senate – Sen. Patty Murray sent a letter to President Trump criticizing his pro-life executive actions, budget cut proposals and appointments of individuals to his administration who respect the right to life.

We applaud President Trump for the actions of his administration these first 100 days and look forward to more of the same.

The list of senators in favor of supporting Planned Parenthood and friends can be found here.