Women Deliver Push Reproductive Health on Africa

By Hannah Russo | July 21, 2010

This week delegates from African Union member states meet to take part in this years African Union Summit.

Many are keeping a watchful eye on this years Summit because this is also the year the Maputo Plan of Action (PoA) expires. In a letter organized by Women Deliver and signed by its president, Jill Sheffield, the conference asks the African Heads of State to renew the Maputo PoA, because “The Millennium Development Goals [MDGs] will not be achieved in Africa without addressing sexual and reproductive health.” She goes on to state that the Maputo PoA “represents the two targets of MDG5, reducing maternal mortality and assuring universal access to reproductive health.”

However it is important to point out that no new target on “universal access to reproductive health” has ever been approved by the members of the General Assembly. Top UN officials and groups like this continue to push the reproductive health target on member states as though it was an agreed target under the MDGs.