A high-level panel of the UN just issued its report that will inform the World Humanitarian Summit this May in Istanbul.

A global tax for the benefit of the UN was a part of their agenda.

A global tax is also on the agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals, the most important and perhaps most dangerous global document in years.

This is not new.

A global tax has long been on the agenda of UN radicals. The UN Development Program, the most powerful UN agency, proposed a global tax in its annual Human Development Report 2011.

Why do they want a global tax? So, the UN won’t be beholden to democratic bodies like the Member States of the UN.

The UN exists now on independent and voluntary contributions from governments. Such contributions come with strings and oversight and can be withheld. UN bureaucrats hate that.

What would be taxed?

International financial transactions. Don’t think this won’t touch you. Such taxes and fees are always passed along to the consumer.

They also want to tax all currency exchanges. That’s right. If you or your children travel to Canada, Mexico, Europe, or anywhere in the world, you will be taxed when you change money.

They also want to tax all airline tickets. And they are pressuring major corporations to increase costs to goods and services and the UN would get the proceeds.

A global tax on financial transactions would bring trillions of dollars into the UN and we the people would have nothing to say about how it is spent.

This is one of the greatest threats to democracy and to the unborn that we have ever seen.

UN bureaucrats say the money would go for humanitarian purposes. The problem is that UN radicals define killing unborn children as humanitarian.

It is vital that you sign this petition and send it to all of your friends and family. Sometime later this year, we will present these petitions to the UN, to allied groups around the world, to the US Congress and Parliaments around the world.

We can stop the Global UN Tax if we act together and we act now.

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  • We, the undersigned, from all parts of the globe, hereby reject the Global UN Tax. We believe this is a danger to national sovereignty, a danger to the necessary transparency of the UN, and a profound danger to the unborn child and the family. We call upon all policy-makers at all levels to reject the Global UN Tax.
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