Austin Ruse — 2014 Breitbart Columns


Maryland Diocese Admits Female Bishop Killed Cyclist in Hit-and-Run, 30 Dec 2014

How to Make an Abortion Clinic Beautiful, 28 Dec 2014

‘Catholic Warrior’ Arrested Attempting to Destroy Satanic Display, 25 Dec 2014

Has Polygyny Spawned Islamic Violence?, 23 Dec 2014

Does Porn Keep Men from Marrying or Not?, 23 Dec 2014

Is ‘The Pill’ Killing Off Sperm?, 22 Dec 2014

Heavy Porn Use Harms Sex with Real Live Girls, 22 Dec 2014

Academic Left Unleashes Fury at Conservative Marquette Professor, 21 Dec 2014

Left Livid at Failure of Climate Talks, 18 Dec 2014

Anti-Porn Crusader Arrested for Alleged Sexual Relations with Underage Girl, 17 Dec 2014

Where to Shop if You’re Pro-LGBT, 16 Dec 2014

Left-Wing Group Calls for Federal Crackdown on LGBT Discrimination, 15 Dec 2014

UNICEF: Kids Have Human Right to be Gay, 11 Dec 2014

Anti-Christian Campaigner Claims Evangelicals Write Nasty Letters, 9 Dec 2014

DC Bans Help for Minors Wanting to Change Homosexual Behavior, 7 Dec 2014

Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber: Abortion of ‘Marginal Children’ a ‘Social Good’, 7 December 2014

Protesters Try to Shut Down Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center, 3 Dec 2014

Girl Scouts Hurting as Cookie Sales Go Digital and New Boycott Looms, 2 Dec 2014

Church Conservatives a Tiny Bit Buoyed About Synod Round Two, 28 Nov 2014

Claire McCaskill Denies Hating Cardinal Raymond Burke, 28 Nov 2014

Abortion Advocates Expect a Tsunami of Pro-Life State Laws, 28 Nov 2014

As the World Burns, UN General Assembly Takes on Bullying, 27 Nov 2014

Reports of Tetanus Vaccine Sterilizing Kenya Women Proven False, 25 Nov 2014

At UN, Western Europe Goes After Developing World on LGBT Rights, 25 Nov 2014

Detroit Archbishop Cancels Appearance LGBT Campaigner, 22 Nov 2014

Controversial Cardinal Tells Catholics to Contact Pope, 21 Nov 2014

At UN, Europeans Gang up on El Salvador on Question of Abortion, 21 Nov 2014

Myth of Matthew Shepard’s Murder Invoked Secretary John Kerry, 21 Nov 2014

Top British Rabbi Tells Vatican Conference Family Breakdown is Dividing Societies, 17 Nov 2014

Pope Tells Marriage Conference ‘Children Have a Right to Mother and Father’, 17 Nov 2014

Critics Think Internet Is Killing Religion, 15 Nov 2014

Anti-Cop Rapper on Michael Brown Delegation to UN Torture Committee, 13 Nov 2014

UN General Assembly Considers Naming 2016 the ‘Year of the Camelid’, 13 Nov 2014

UN May Ask US to Prosecute ‘Gay Conversion Therapy’ Practitioners, 12 Nov 2014

Harvard Sex Week Explores Islamophobia, Imperialism, Anal Sex, 10 Nov 2014

Christian Group Receives Death Threats Following LGBT Group ‘Hate’ Report, 10 Nov 2014

Michael Brown’s Mom Headed to Geneva to Request UN Intervention in Ferguson, 7 Nov 2014

LGBT Activists Urge UN to Designate ‘Reparative Therapy’ a Form of Torture, 7 Nov 2014

South African Priest Who Saved NYC Church Banished from New York, 4 Nov 2014

In Singapore LGBT Case, UN Human Rights Office Gets Human Rights Law Wrong, 4 Nov 2014

Singapore Upholds Sodomy Ban

 1 Nov 2014

Despite Ban, Transgender Troops Already Serving Openly in U.S. Military, 29 Oct 2014

Jesuit College Recognizes Pagan Group, 27 Oct 2014

Transgender Soldiers Meet in DC, Want Ban on Military Service Struck Down, 23 October 2014

African Cardinal on Liberalized Church Standards: ‘We Did not Agree to This Document’,” October 15, 2014

Forty-One Bishops Oppose New Vatican Document,” October 14, 2014

Gay Group Rejected for Ownership of ‘.gay’ Web Domain,” October 13, 2014

Press Grill Vatican on Divorce, Remarriage, and Homosexuality,” October 13, 2014

UN Again Spreads Overpopulation Fears,” September 29, 2014

Source Confirms Pope Will Remove Conservative Cardinal from Vatican,” September 29, 2014

Sexual Left Tells GOP Chair Reince Priebus to ‘Shun’ Social Conservatives,” September 25, 2014

Germans May Approve Incest,” September 25, 2014

Pew: Has Support for Same-Sex Marriage Peaked?” September 24, 2014

Hillary Clinton ‘Embarassed’ US Won’t Sign Liberal UN Treaty,” September 18, 2014

Report: Pope Plans on Exiling Conservative Catholic Hero Cardinal Raymond Burke,” September 17, 2014

New York Holds off on Parish Closings Until at Least After Big Vatican Meeting of Bishops,” September 9, 2014

Pioneering Queer Studies Professor Busted for Sex with Kids,” September 8, 2014

DC Priest Punished for Calling for End to Gay St. Patrick’s Parade in New York City,” September 7, 2014

Will ‘Personhood’ Doom Joni Ernst’s Senate Bid?” September 5, 2014

Two Catholic Bishops Having Tug of War over Potential Saint’s Body,” September 5, 2014

Canonization of TV Priest Inexplicably Halted,” September 5, 2014

Obama Sleeps While Ebola Virus Kills Africans by the Score,” September 5, 2014

Human Rights Campaign Calls for Federal Gay Ambassador to Enforce Agenda Overseas,” September 4, 2014

Cardinal Dolan Affirms ‘Confidence’ in St. Patrick’s Day Parade After Gay Marchers Allowed,” September 3, 2014

Corporations Force Catholics to Accept Gay Marchers in St. Patrick’s Day Parade,” September 3, 2014

Cory Gardner Tries to Take Contraception Issue Away from Democrats,” September 2, 2014

Federal Judges Against Requirement that Saved Joan Rivers’ Life,” September 2, 2014

Protesters Arrested at World Congress of Families Conference in Australia,” August 30, 2014

Police: Son-in-Law/Lover Murdered Baton Rouge TV Host Under Investigation for Child Sex Abuse,” August 29, 2014

Federal Judge Opens Door Further to Group Marriage,” August 28, 2014

‘Personhood’ Fight Could Hamper GOP Takeover of U.S. Senate,” August 27, 2014

Macedonia Set to Ban Gay Marriage,” August 26, 2014

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin Calls Planned Black Mass ‘Disgusting Mockery’ of Catholic Faith,” August 12, 2014

Sexual Left Shocked by Organized Pro-Lifers in Europe,” August 11, 2014

Porn Peters Out in L.A.” August 6, 2014

Slate: Conservatives Offended by New, Tiny Gay Numbers from CDC,” August 5, 2014

Mystery Deepens over Ambassador’s Same-Sex Wedding in Vienna,” August 5, 2014

Pope Lifts Suspension of Leftist Priest Who Called Ronald Reagan a ‘Butcher’,” August 5, 2014

Did Ambassador’s Same-Sex Nuptials Violate Any Laws?” August 4, 2014

Australian Couple Allegedly Abandon Baby with Down Syndrome in Thailand,” August 4, 2014

Gay Leaders Upset by Low CDC Population Numbers: ‘Political Influence Matters’,” August 3, 2014

UN Secretary General Pushes for Abortion During Wartime,” August 1, 2014

Court Ruling Implies States Must Have at Least One Abortion Clinic,” July 30, 2014

Abortion Clinics Continue to Close amid Lawsuits, Protests,” July 29, 2014

Report: Pope Francis to Make First Visit to the United States,” July 27, 2014

‘Personhood’ Again Roils Colorado Politics,” July 25, 2014

European Human Rights Court: No Right to Same-Sex Marriage,” July 25, 2014

Gay Speech Police Targets Giants for Hiring Super Bowl Hero,” July 23, 2014

The Word ‘Family’ Incenses the Left at the UN,” July 16, 2014

American Bar Association May Name Sexual Orientation a Human Right,” July 16, 2014

Singapore High Court Refuses to Hear Gay-Sex Ban,” July 16, 2014

World Health Organization Recommends Drastic Measures to Fight HIV Among Gays, Transgenders,” July 15, 2014

U.N. Committee Says Irish Abortion Ban Violates International Law,” July 15, 2014

Left Celebrates German Archbishop’s Promotion, Citing Statement on Gay Partnerships,” July 13, 2014

Exclusive: Chase Employee Leaks Purported Photo of LGBT Survey Question,” July 11, 2014

Chase Bank Has Pattern of Partisanship on LGBT Issues,” July 10, 2014

‘The View’ Host Sherri Shepherd Rejects Unborn IVF Baby,” July 10, 2014

Chase Spokesman Insists LGBT Survey Was Anonymous,” July 9, 2014

Court Orders Priest to Reveal Confession,” July 8, 2014

Exclusive: Chase LGBT Whistleblower Talks to Breitbart News,” July 8, 2014

Italian Mafia Strikes Back at Pope by Forcing Madonna Statue to ‘Bow’ to Mob Boss,” July 7, 2014

New York Times Allows Anti-Catholic Hobby Lobby Ad,” July 3, 2014

Surrogacy: Expression of Love, or Human Rights Violation?” July 3, 2014

Second Employee Alleges Chase Bank Surveyed Staff’s LGBT Loyalty,” July 1, 2014

LGBT Activists Push ‘We Don’t Discriminate’ Stickers on Small Businesses,” July 1, 2014

Feminists, Population Controllers Clash over UN Climate Change Proposals,” June 27, 2014

New Document Reinforces Catholic Church Teachings on Hot Button Issues,” June 27, 2014

Playwright David Mamet Halts Play over Gender-Bending Casting,” June 23, 2014

In Face of Islamist Terror, Senate Bill Makes LGBT U.S. ‘Foreign Policy Priority’,” June 17, 2014

Why Aren’t Any of the Biggest U.S. Law Firms Defending Traditional Marriage?” June 13, 2014

Nabisco Taunts Conservative Moms with Yet Another Pro-LGBT Ad,” June 10, 2014

Conservative Media Refuse to Cover New Book on Gay Movement,” June 8, 2014

Google Out of Porn Biz?” June 6, 2014

Left-Wing Media Rages at Column Calling Transgender Actor ‘Not a Woman’” June 4, 2014

Pope Francis: Satan Out to Destroy the Family,” June 2, 2014

Sex Change Now Courtesy of the American Taxpayer,” May 30, 2014

Politico: The Religious Right Founded on Racism,” May 29, 2014

European Commission Unilaterally Rejects Pro-Life Petition,” May 28, 2014

‘World’s Largest Bratfest’ Cancels Teen Suicide Motivational Speaker Due to Pro-Life Views,” May 27, 2014

Pope Francis Threads Needle on Middle East Trip,” May 26, 2014

UN Report Does Not Conclude Catholic Church Is Guilty of Torture,” May 23, 2014

Susan B. Anthony List Targets Pro-Abortion Candidates with $3.8 Million,” May 21, 2014

SunTrust Flips, Restores Business with Real Estate Brothers Pulled from HGTV over Gay Marriage Views,” May 17, 2014

Vatican Ambassador to UN: ‘Children Don’t Belong to the State’,” May 16, 2014

Obama Urged to Overturn US Ban on Aiding Foreign Abortions,” May 16, 2014

National Catholic Reporter: Conservatives Heretics for Questioning Pope,” May 13, 2014

CDC: Syphilis Resurgence Among Gay Men ‘Major Public Health Concern’,” May 12, 2014

Pope Francis Tells UN Chiefs to Protect the Unborn,” May 9, 2014

Vatican Rep Stomps On UN Torture Committee,” May 6, 2014

Federal Judge Rules NAACP Parody Not Funny,” May 6, 2014

UN Committee Against Torture Begins Grilling Catholic Church,” May 5, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Federal Judge Defends Ban on CA Judges Volunteering for Boy Scouts,” April 22, 2014

American TV Star to Be Named a Saint?” April 20, 2014

Spokesman Clarifies European Leader Joseph Daul Does Not Support Porn,” April 18, 2014

North Carolina Nun’s Homosexuality Lecture: What Really Happened,” April 16, 2014

UN Official Tells Students to Take Over UN Buildings,” April 16, 2014

Rasmussen: Boy Scouts’ Favorability Continues to Slide,” April 7, 2014

Nun Faces Backlash for Criticizing Homosexuality to Catholic School Students,” April 5, 2014

Trouble Brewing for Boy Scouts as They Fire Gay Scoutmaster,” April 3, 2014

National Right to Life Dumps Georgia Affiliate,” April 2, 2014

Dissident Catholics Lobby President Obama in Rome,” March 27, 2014

SPLC Claims Ongoing FBI Relationship,” March 27, 2014

FBI Dumps Southern Poverty Law Center as Hate Crimes Resource,” March 26, 2014

Missouri Joins Five States with Only One Abortion Clinic,” March 25, 2014

Legislator Accuses SPLC of Bribing Teachers to Teach Anti-Christian Curriculum,” March 14, 2014

Pew Poll: GOP Youth Supports Gay Marriage,” March 11, 2014

Study: Southern Poverty Law Center Ignores Liberal Hate,” March 10, 2014

CPAC Makes No Room for Pro-Life Panel,” March 5, 2014

Foreign Policy Mag Blames Obama, Rachel Maddow for Ugandan Gay Law’s Passage,” March 4, 2014

Founder of Rival Scouts Not Surprised by Disney Ban on Boy Scouts,” March 3, 2014

Jason Collins Meets Parents of Gay Icon Matthew Shepard,” February 28, 2014

Exclusive: Girl Scouts CEO ‘Misleading and Deceitful,’ Say Angry Moms,” February 27, 2014

Conservatives Blame Manipulation, Fear for Jan Brewer Veto of SB1062,” February 26, 2014

Girl Scouts Hire Lesbian as Chief ‘Girl Experience Officer’,” February 26, 2014

Ronan Farrow Debuts New Show in True MSNBC Fashion,” February 24, 2014

Girl Scout CEO Makes YouTube Plea Against Cookiecott,” February 22, 2014

Bill O’Reilly Grills Girl Scouts About Homopunk Spokesman,” February 21, 2014

Making Your Way Through Facebook’s 58 Genders,” February 21, 2014

Girl Scouts Threaten Legal Action Against Critical Pro-Life Groups,” February 18, 2014

Girl Scout Cookiecott Breaks Out All Over,” February 6, 2014

UN Report Attacks Catholic Church’s Teachings on Abortion, Sexuality,” February 4, 2014

Exclusive–’Alone Yet Not Alone’ Singer Joni Eareckson Tada on Oscar Controversy: ‘Hollywood Is Shunning Christ’,” February 4, 2014

Mike Huckabee Explains Viral Girl Scout Cookiecott,” February 4, 2014

Leftist Bloggers Decry Girl Scout Cookie Boycott,” January 31, 2014

Cookie Boycott Continues After Girl Scouts’ Halfhearted Apology over Wendy Davis,” January 30, 2014

Endorsement of Wendy Davis Triggers National Boycott of Girl Scout Cookies,” January 29, 2014

March for Life Attendees Expect 2014 to Be Huge Year for Life Movement,” January 22, 2014

Girl Scouts Replace Homopunk Rocker Josh Ackley with Abortion Advocate Kelly Parisi,” January 9, 2014