Abortion Advocates Bank on Canada and G-7

A year before the election of President Donald Trump signaled a shift in U.S. foreign policy to a pro-life position, Canada underwent a shift of its own, in the opposite direction.

Sex Traffickers Shutting Down Websites After Congress Passes Law

Many websites are shutting down or curtailing their sex trade just weeks after the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed similar anti-human trafficking bills that would allow victims to sue the websites on which they were bought and sold.

Human Rights Groups Thank U.S. for Rolling Back Abortion in Impending Report

A coalition of 197 groups from around the world have sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson thanking him for expected changes in the annual State Department report on human rights.

Despite Big Tech Resistance U.S. House Passes Bill to Allow Prosecution of Trafficking Websites

An ever-growing outcry from lawmakers, civil society, survivors and activists prompted the passing of an anti-trafficking bill on Tuesday in the House of Representatives ending impunity for websites that participate in sexually exploiting women and girls.

State Department Finds Overwhelming Acceptance of U.S. Abortion Funding Restrictions

A State Department report released yesterday found wide acceptance of the expanded Mexico City Policy which blocks funding for foreign groups performing or promoting abortion overseas.

State Dept Report Finds Wide Acceptance of Expanded Mexico City Policy

The State Department released a report yesterday showing overwhelming acceptance by US grant awardees delivering healthcare to vulnerable populations. C-Fam Friday Fax will have further analysis today. The report can…

Critics Admit Mexico City Policy is Effective

Some of President Donald J. Trump’s harshest critics admit that his reinstatement and expansion of the pro-life Mexico City Policy has been highly effective in advancing the United States’ moral influence to curb the international abortion lobby.

Event Highlights Divided Priorities in Global Maternal Health Agenda

Thirty years ago, experts and activists joined to put maternal health on the international aid agenda.

Nations Speak Out for Life and the Family in UN Human Rights Mechanism

For decades, powerful bureaucrats and wealthy donor countries have used the UN human rights system to push a controversial abortion and “sexual rights” agenda on traditional countries.

Senators, Foundations, Columbia University Team Up Against Trump Pro-life Protections

Last week four U.S. Senators and Columbia University joined the movement to derail President Trump’s overseas pro-life protections.