USAID Gives Millions in Grants to Group Fighting U.S. Pro-Life Policy

The U.S. International Agency for International Development (USAID) just gave a hefty grant to CARE, a global aid organization that is working to undermine the administration’s pro-life policies and to insert abortion into humanitarian situations worldwide.

Bill Gates Thinks There are Too Many Africans/Calls for Population Control

The goal of eliminating extreme poverty is among the top priorities of the global community and is the first of the UN’s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Tanzania President Suspends U.S. Family Planning Advertising

Last week the Tanzanian government suspended family planning advertisements funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) while the program is reviewed for its population control motives.

Abortion Advocates Say They Are “Human Rights Defenders”

Abortion activists are circulating a joint statement to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, identifying themselves as “women’s human rights defenders,” in advance of what they call “International Safe Abortion Day.”

UN Committee on Disabilities Supports Abortion on Disabled Children

Last week, two UN committees monitoring compliance with human rights treaties issued a joint statement declaring that access to “safe and legal abortion” is not only essential to women’s health, but also a “prerequisite for safeguarding women’s human rights” more generally.

Review: Against Empire, for the Nation; Yoram Hazony and “The Virtue of Nationalism”

Men and women sit in quiet and carpeted rooms at the UN and the EU and consider they possess the power to tell other men and women around the world how to live their lives.

Feminists Campaign for Cities to Pass UN Treaty

Earlier this month the state of Hawaii received an award from the National Association of Commissions for Women for being the first state in the union to “pass CEDAW in all counties.”

Argentina Deals Severe Blow to UN Abortion Advocates

Argentina’s senate dealt a blow to UN human rights experts, European nations, and abortion activists when it defeated a bill that would have removed legal protection for unborn children in the first 14 weeks of life.

Hungarian Leader Rallies Christians, Gives EU Elites Indigestion

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán appears to relish giving indigestion to elites of Western Europe and the European Union.

Will US Quitting Human Rights Council Help the Social Conservative Cause?

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 27 (C-Fam) U.S. withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council has long been on the wish list of some conservative organizations like the Heritage Foundation that hosted…