Friday Fax

An essential part of C-Fam’s work is to cover the UN like journalists. To this end each week we publish the Friday Fax, which is the only weekly source of social conservative news coming out of UN headquarters in New York City. The Friday Fax is an originally researched and reported news article prepared by C-FAM staff members who attend UN meetings and conferences as well as closely reading numerous UN documents.

The Friday Fax, is now in its seventeenth year of uninterrupted publication, is read by 400,000 + subscribers and readers around the world. They include policy makers, journalists, scholars, activists and governmental leaders. The Friday Fax is published in English, Spanish, and French.

Turtle Bay and Beyond

C-Fam’s Blog on international law, policy, and institutions.

Turtle Bay and Beyond is a blog covering international law, policy and institutions. Our experts – at the UN, European Institutions, and elsewhere – explore an authentic understanding of international law, sovereignty, and the dignity of the human person.

We expose those who would seek to impose a radical social vision that is contrary to these principles.


International Youth Coalition

IYc: “The voice of youth for human dignity at the United Nations”

The IYc was formed during the United Nation’s International Year of Youth in 2010 – 2011. We broke onto the international scene in the summer of 2011 to encourage the involvement of pro-life and pro-family young people at a youth conference sponsored by the UN in Leon, Mexico.

Today, the IYc’s mission is to continue to bring young people into the international life and family debate at the United Nations. The IYc exists as an international community of young people interested in defending human dignity and is our way of helping you to have a voice in the global community.