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UN Secretariat, UNFPA Show Their Hand on Abortion Rights at Feminist Conclave

Senior UN staff partnered with abortion groups at the recent UN women’s conference to promote “sexual and reproductive rights” that, when pressed, they could not specifically define.

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Abortion Lobby Admits to Using Maternal Health to Promote Abortion

A recently published article exposes how abortion practitioners used U.S. foreign aid and the guise of “post abortion care” to increase the number of abortions in Zambia.

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Canada and Europe Bolster Trump’s Arguments for Mexico City Policy

The creation of the new abortion fund by the Netherlands and its partners could undermine arguments against President Donald Trump’s ban on foreign abortion funding last week.

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Best Moments of the Year for Life and Family at the United Nations

It has been a remarkable year. As has been the case in recent years, we have many more positive stories to highlight than negative ones.

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Worst Moments of the Year for Life and Family at the United Nations

While there were many positive moments to highlight this year, the bad ones were particularly bad, in fact, far worse than in any recent years.

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Pro-Family Leaders Launch Declaration on Marriage in Cape Town

Pro-family leaders from around the world recently gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, to roll out and sign a declaration that aims to protect the family and traditional marriage.

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Annual Review of New UN Goals Underwhelms, Avoids Controversy

Just a year ago nations agreed to massive new set of Sustainable Development Goals that were supposed to transform the way billions of dollars of aid will be spent in the decades ahead.

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No “Brexit” option: pro-lifers “Remain”

More than one hundred young representatives of pro-family and pro-life NGOs recently gathered in Malaga, Spain, to learn how to better defend the life of the unborn in their countries….

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LGBT Agenda Advances, Drives Wedge in UN System

The UN Human Rights Council narrowly adopted a resolution establishing the position of “independent expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity,” with 22 votes in favor, 19 against, and 6 abstentions.

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Violence, Spin, and Abuse of Power at OAS Meeting

For years the head of the OAS bureaucracy has tried to impose abortion and homosexuality throughout the Americas while the people have tried to protect their families and religious liberty. This week at annual meeting in Santo Domingo, the fight literally came to blows.

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