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UNICEF Position on Babies Born of War Rape Still Unclear

The UN Children’s Fund recently acknowledged that many of the girls returning from captivity by terrorists are pregnant, but stopped short of treating the maternity of the girls, or the children they bear, as a separate area of concern for the agency.

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Protest to Trump’s Defunding UNFPA Reveals Poor Results, Lackluster Support

President Donald J. Trump cut U.S. funding to the UN Population Fund last week, and protests from Democrats, abortion groups, and UNFPA revealed UNFPA’s dogged determination to partner with abortion groups, lackluster results in improving maternal health, and alienation of constituents due to controversial promotion of sexual rights.

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Pro-lifers Celebrate Huge Win at UN Commission

The UN Commission on Population and Development ended Friday afternoon with a frustrated chairman withdrawing her draft of a resolution and the meeting ending without an agreement.

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UNFPA gathers faith leaders at the UN for the promotion of “sexual rights”

  Hours after the official U.S. defunding of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the UNFPA co-sponsored an event suggesting religious leaders actively promote “sexual rights” and unlimited “reproductive rights”…

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Editorial: The Left Seeks to Silence Pro-Life/Pro-Family Voices

Silencing your opponent. That is now the main response of the political left in America.

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Analysis Shows Only a Tiny Number of UN Member States Preoccupied with Homosexuality

A new analysis of the UN human rights monitoring system shows a universal obsession among experts but only a tiny number of member states with the controversial issues of abortion and homosexuality.

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UN Secretariat, UNFPA Show Their Hand on Abortion Rights at Feminist Conclave

Senior UN staff partnered with abortion groups at the recent UN women’s conference to promote “sexual and reproductive rights” that, when pressed, they could not specifically define.

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How the Push for Sexual and Reproductive Rights Harms Women’s Human Rights

At UN headquarters this week, experts detailed several ways sexual and reproductive rights activists are contributing to the continued violation of women’s human rights. Two standing room-only events were part of the two-week Commission on the Status of Women, which concludes Friday.

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Parents of Down Syndrome Girl Tell UN That the Family Protects Kids

When tests showed Kurt Kondrich’s unborn daughter Chloe had Down syndrome, the doctors’ only advice was to abort her.

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Abortion Lobby Admits to Using Maternal Health to Promote Abortion

A recently published article exposes how abortion practitioners used U.S. foreign aid and the guise of “post abortion care” to increase the number of abortions in Zambia.

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