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Honduran Physicians Defend the Human Person, from Conception to Death.

Following the historic vote that preserved Honduras’ pro-life legislation, an astonishingly strong case against abortion decriminalization came from the Honduran College of Physicians. “There is no reason capable to justify…

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Trump Expands Mexico City Policy, Abortion Groups Keep Some Funding

The Trump administration announced additional restrictions on abortion funding in foreign aid this week, in effect neutralizing U.S. complicity in the proliferation of global abortion.

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Children Born of War Receive Unprecedented Attention in Security Council Debate

Two years after it first heard from advocates for children conceived as a result of wartime rape, the UN Security Council is giving such children much-needed international attention.

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New Human Trafficking Foundation May Support Abortion and Prostitution

Conservative human rights groups are increasingly alarmed about a new funding proposal to combat human trafficking around the world.

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100th Anniversary of Fatima Marked at UN Headquarters

“Pope Francis has just landed in Fatima,” said the ambassador of Portugal to mark the beginning of a special event at UN headquarters to celebrate the centenary of the apparition of Our Lady at Fatima to three Portuguese shepherd children.

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UN Tries and Fails to Convince Honduras to Legalize Abortion

Honduran lawmakers refused to legalize abortion despite intense pressure from UN experts and international abortion activists.

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Trump Budget to Cut Gender Office that Falls Outside Mexico City Policy Protection

The Trump administration’s budget will reportedly put on the chopping block a controversial gender rights office created by the Obama administration.

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The World Health Organization Says Abortion is Family Planning

Governments have long agreed that abortion cannot be a part of family planning. The World Health Organization has gone along with that consensus until now.

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U.S. Lawmakers Seek to End Impunity for Online Sale of Children

A bipartisan bill introduced last week by U.S. lawmakers seeks to end impunity for website owners who knowingly facilitate online sale of children for sex.

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Protest to Trump’s Defunding UNFPA Reveals Poor Results, Lackluster Support

President Donald J. Trump cut U.S. funding to the UN Population Fund last week, and protests from Democrats, abortion groups, and UNFPA revealed UNFPA’s dogged determination to partner with abortion groups, lackluster results in improving maternal health, and alienation of constituents due to controversial promotion of sexual rights.

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