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Pro-Life Pro-Family Turn Rocks Europeans at UN Commission on Women

The world witnessed the United States returning to the pro-life fold after years of abortion advocacy from the Obama administration yesterday during the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

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How the Push for Sexual and Reproductive Rights Harms Women’s Human Rights

At UN headquarters this week, experts detailed several ways sexual and reproductive rights activists are contributing to the continued violation of women’s human rights. Two standing room-only events were part of the two-week Commission on the Status of Women, which concludes Friday.

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Parents of Down Syndrome Girl Tell UN That the Family Protects Kids

When tests showed Kurt Kondrich’s unborn daughter Chloe had Down syndrome, the doctors’ only advice was to abort her.

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To my fellow Europeans: if you do not want to pay for abortion, learn from the U.S.

  “She Decides,” the pro-abortion fundraising event that took place in Brussels on March 2, was widely reported, including by C-Fam. What is still insufficiently clear, especially to EU taxpayers,…

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UN Staff, EU Politicians, Abortion Groups Join Forces to Vilify U.S. Pro-life Stance

More than forty-five governments and high-ranking UN staff convened in Brussels this week to raise money and combat U.S. pro-life policies.

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Abortion Lobby Admits to Using Maternal Health to Promote Abortion

A recently published article exposes how abortion practitioners used U.S. foreign aid and the guise of “post abortion care” to increase the number of abortions in Zambia.

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Vatican Academy of Science Says Population Control is Not “Crucial” To Save Biodiversity

The Pontifical Academy for Science distanced itself from population control theories at the end of a controversial conference about biological extinction featuring renown population control advocates.

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UN Tries to Fast-Track LGBT Acceptance and Abortion Access, Again

The UN bureaucracy is once again trying to fast track the adoption of hundreds of statistical indicators to measure progress on the UN development goals, without giving time for the UN’s political organs to review them.

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Obama Cloaked LGBTI Agenda in Women’s Rights Plan to Thwart Republicans

An Obama-era executive order on helping women in conflict settings mutated into a vast set of mandates including abortion, homosexual rights, and environmentalism in U.S. defense and diplomatic policy and programs.

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Canada and Europe Bolster Trump’s Arguments for Mexico City Policy

The creation of the new abortion fund by the Netherlands and its partners could undermine arguments against President Donald Trump’s ban on foreign abortion funding last week.

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