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Gay Rights Leader Moved to Key State Department Position

The Obama administration positioned their top U.S. homosexual rights diplomat into a key position within the State Department which will make it harder for the Trump administration to change current U.S. policy opposing traditional values on human sexuality.

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New US UN Ambassador Nominee Stands by Pro-Life Position at Confirmation Hearing

President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for United States UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, repeatedly asserted her pro-life views during her Wednesday confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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Democrats Desperate to Preserve Obama Legacy on Abortion 

Pink-clad feminists ready to disrupt a second day of Senate confirmation hearings were ejected before Rex Tillerson’s testimony began.

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Could Mexican Lives Be Saved by Trump’s Presidency if the New Mexico City Constitution Will Not Protect Them?

As usual, cultural Marxists—and all those who aim at destroying the beauty, and at obscuring the true value and meaning of human dignity, of life, and of the family—are taking…

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Best Moments of the Year for Life and Family at the United Nations

It has been a remarkable year. As has been the case in recent years, we have many more positive stories to highlight than negative ones.

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Worst Moments of the Year for Life and Family at the United Nations

While there were many positive moments to highlight this year, the bad ones were particularly bad, in fact, far worse than in any recent years.

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OAS event proposes abortion to stop teen marriages

The Organization of the American States (OAS) hosted an international event proposing the way to end the tragedy of child marriage is by letting children have abortions.

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UN’s New Top Bureaucrat Raises Hopes

The United Nations swore in its ninth Secretary General on Monday, former Portuguese prime minister Antonio Guterres, raising cautious optimism from pro-life and pro-family groups after 10 years of activism under Guterres’ predecessor Ban Ki-moon.

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Pro-Family Leaders Launch Declaration on Marriage in Cape Town

Pro-family leaders from around the world recently gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, to roll out and sign a declaration that aims to protect the family and traditional marriage.

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Editorial: We Can’t Contracept Our Way to Maternal and Child Health

For too long the answer to making childbirth less dangerous has been to urge women to avoid it.

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