C-Fam’s Top 5 Moments of 2021 for Life and Family at the United Nations

By | December 23, 2021

NEW YORK, December 24 (C-Fam) The pro-abortion and anti-family fanatics running the U.S. government and the European Union don’t control everything all the time. We saw several very positive developments for the pro-life and pro-family cause this year. Here’s the top 5 moments of the year for life and family internationally.

  1. C-Fam Forces UN Agency for Children to Take Down Report Promoting Porn for Kids

UNICEF shocked many this year when the children’s agency published a report promoting porn for children. The report said kids should not be blocked from watching porn because they have a human right to access sexually explicit material and should be allowed to see porn according to their age and maturity. C-Fam exposed the UNICEF report and the agency took it down. The agency then tried to doctor the report to sanitize it. But it was too late. In the end, the agency was forced to take down the report permanently. It certainly won’t stop UNICEF from promoting abortion and sexualizing children. But it does show how it is possible to hold the UN system accountable.

  1. UN Commission on the Status of Women Rejects Biden Abortion Plans

The world gave the pro-abortion Biden administration a resounding defeat at its first major UN summit on women. Countries who aligned with U.S. pro-life diplomacy only a few weeks before Joe Biden was sworn in as President blocked efforts of the administration and the European Union to include controversial abortion-related terms and explicitly pro-abortion language in the annual agreement of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Diplomats from the U.S. and Europe bullied and defamed brave pro-life and pro-family diplomats but were defeated in the end.

  1. World Health Assembly Rejects Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Despite efforts of the Biden administration and Western governments, the World Health Assembly rejected “comprehensive sexuality education.” A coalition of African countries together with the Russian Federation led the World Health Assembly to reject the term during the annual meeting of the governing body of the World Health Organization. Any “comprehensive sexuality education” programs sponsored by international agencies cannot be considered approved by the international community.

  1. Two Additional Countries Join the Geneva Consensus Declaration

The Geneva Consensus Declaration, launched in October 2020 and now joined by 36 countries, is the single most important result of the Trump administration for the pro-life cause internationally. It is the first ever international platform for women’s health that is also explicitly, pro-life, pro-family, and pro-sovereignty. Even though Biden withdrew U.S. sponsorship of the declaration on his first week in office, the agreement has been joined by two additional countries, Guatemala and the Russian Federation. This shows that the declaration is still alive and well. Now there is a blueprint to defend life and family internationally, and the pro-abortion fanatics in the Biden administration can’t do anything about it.

  1. Supreme Court Ignores UN Experts During Oral Abortion Debate

 Overturning Roe v. Wade would be so important for the pro-life cause internationally that global abortion supporters are deeply concerned. A group of UN experts even violated the UN Charter to tell the U.S. Supreme Court that it cannot reverse its 1973 abortion ruling. During oral arguments, the Supreme Court justices seem entirely unconcerned about the opinion of these experts. This is a very good thing. C-Fam submitted our own amicus brief to the Supreme Court, rebutting the claims of the UN experts.