Stefano Gennarini, J.D.

Stefano Gennarini, J.D.

Stefano Gennarini is the Vice President for Legal Studies at the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam).

He represents C-Fam at UN headquarters in New York and researches and writes on international law and policy for C-Fam, advising UN delegations and liaising with pro-family organization around the world. He also oversees the Edmund Burke Fellowship. His reports and commentary have appeared on Breitbart, the Congressional Research Quarterly,The Federalist, First Things, the National Catholic Register, and the Stream. He has been interviewed by the New York Times, NPR, Relevant Radio, the Washington Post and other news outlets. Prior to earning a J.D. from Notre Dame Law School, Stefano lived and worked in the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Nigeria, the West Indies, and Israel. He is fluent in Italian and Spanish.

Stefano earned a Juris Doctor from Notre Dame Law School in Indiana in 2011 and was a Blackstone Legal Fellow in 2009. Before attending law school, Stefano trained to be a priest at the Redemptoris House of Formation in London and attended Heythrop College, University of London where he obtained a Bachelor in Theology. While in the United Kingdom, he also gained experience in editing and translations with the Catholic Truth Society (CTS).

Stefano lives in New Jersey with his wife Elizabeth Marie, 3 daughters and 3 sons. He tweets as @prolifesq.

U.S. Fails to Capitalize on Growing Pro-Life Support in UN General Assembly

Despite a growing number of countries supporting U.S. pro-life diplomacy, the U.S. fell short of the votes necessary to add new pro-life protections in UN policy this week in the United Nations General Assembly.

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News Analysis: The Challenges of a Pro-Life Administration at the United Nations

Over the past four years the Trump administration has fought abortion at the UN like no previous Republican administration.

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European Union Humiliates U.S. and Russia at the United Nations

The European Union dominates international social policy, uncontested. It is a reality that the United States and Russia can’t ignore. Earlier today the former sole superpowers were humiliated in a…

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BREAKING: Trump Administration Calls Out Secretary General on Abortion

John Barsa, the Acting Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, sent the UN Secretary General scolding UN experts for promoting abortion and urging him to “undertake a course-correction for the greater good of the UN.”

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BREAKING: Trump to Enforce Compliance on Abortion Overseas

Acting Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development John Barsa announced a new effort to enforce abortion-related restrictions on foreign assistance in a press release earlier today.

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Human Rights Council to Review Trump Administration’s Record on Human Rights

The Human Rights Council will review the record of the Trump administration next month.

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LGBT Issues Come Back Hard at UN Negotiations

Countries have witnessed a strong resurgence of LGBT advocacy in UN General Assembly negotiations.

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U.K. Undermines Plan for Women’s Economic Empowerment Over Abortion

The United States launched a global plan for women’s economic development today. A sour note, however, was introduced by the United Kingdom’s attempt to put abortion at the heart of the plan.

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Countries Use COVID-19 to Promote LGBT Agenda with U.S. Support

Thirty governments, including the Trump administration, called on countries to make the specific health needs of homosexual men, transgender individuals, and others who identify as LGBT a priority in government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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China Escalates War of Words at the UN, Tells U.S. to “Pull Back from the Brink”

The war of words between the United States and Communist China continues apace.

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