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Capitol Hill Event Examines Intersection Between Human Trafficking and Health

Washington, D.C., May 18 (C-Fam) Women and girls trafficked for sex suffer a wide range of physical health problems resulting from repeated acts of violence and rape, and bear an…

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Sex Traffickers Shutting Down Websites After Congress Passes Law

Many websites are shutting down or curtailing their sex trade just weeks after the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed similar anti-human trafficking bills that would allow victims to sue the websites on which they were bought and sold.

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Despite Big Tech Resistance U.S. House Passes Bill to Allow Prosecution of Trafficking Websites

An ever-growing outcry from lawmakers, civil society, survivors and activists prompted the passing of an anti-trafficking bill on Tuesday in the House of Representatives ending impunity for websites that participate in sexually exploiting women and girls.

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UNICEF Consultant Sexually Assaulted Boy for Years

Longtime UN consultant for children’s rights Peter Newell was convicted of sexually assaulting and sodomizing a child over the course of three years beginning in 1965.

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Oxfam Scandal Part of Wider Sexual Abuse Cover-up

The elite UK-based aid organization Oxfam has admitted to hosting lavish parties and hiring prostitutes for humanitarian aid workers in Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake.

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Under Pressure, Tech Giants Drop Opposition to Anti-Trafficking Bill 

A bill to protect minor girls from sex traffickers who sell them online is a step closer to becoming law after Google and other giant tech companies reversed course this week and dropped opposition.

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UN Event Names and Shames Purveyors of Child Rape, Trafficking

“Decriminalization of prostitution is the most monstrous, preposterous, counterproductive act we could possibly conceive,” a prostitution survivor declared at a UN high-level meeting on human trafficking yesterday.  

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The Myth of “Sex Work” Named and Shamed.

Did you know that AIDS groups have used—and continue to use—their (your) money to advocate for prostitution?  If you did not, or even if you did, there is a new…

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Google Attempts to Block Bill to Hold Sex-Traffickers Accountable

Google and the tech lobby are working to derail the passage of a bill to protect girls from online sex traffickers.

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UN Member States Commit to Empower Women, and Mothers, When “Experts” Won’t

At UN Headquarters this week, UN Member States committed their governments to protecting women’s rights but in an unusual change of emphasis, focused largely on their roles as mothers and caregivers and avoided the usual controversial issues.

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New Human Trafficking Foundation May Support Abortion and Prostitution

Conservative human rights groups are increasingly alarmed about a new funding proposal to combat human trafficking around the world.

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Trafficking Survivors Tell UN: Strengthen Families To Protect Women and Girls

Women who were trafficked or mistreated for their reproductive organs told the UN this week that to successfully combat modern-day slavery, countries must respect and empower the family.

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Egg Trafficking and Rented Wombs: UN Learns How Not to Make Babies

Every seat in the UN auditorium was filled, with a waiting line outside, to hear about making babies. “Online baby making, buying and selling eggs, renting wombs,” said Jennifer Lahl. “We no longer beget our children, we make our children, we build our families.”

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