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“Women’s Human Rights Defenders”; Code for Abortion Activists

A UK-based advocacy group received high-level news coverage this week with a survey claiming that “women’s rights defenders” are facing increasing threats in their efforts to end violence against women and girls.

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UN and Abortion Group Coordinate Attack on the Philippines

An abortion group traveled to the Philippines last week to heap pressure on government officials after a UN committee criticized the country for “grave and systemic” human rights violations

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White House to Order Faith-based Grant Recipients to Accept LGBT Applicants

A source within the federal government has informed the Friday Fax that the White House is quietly moving forward with a policy change that will require charitable humanitarian groups to accept LGBT.

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Vatican Conference Criticized for Backing Abortion and Population Control Politics

A Vatican conference to promote Pope Francis’ upcoming encyclical on the environment spotlighted abortion and population control proponents. At the same time critics warn that climate change alarmism ultimately harms the poor.

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Nigeria’s New Pres Disappoints Abortion Groups

Nigeria’s incoming president is disappointing pro-abortion advocates who met with him recently to demand more money. A coalition of family planning groups that promote and commit abortions gave Muhammadu Buhari…

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Nigerian Bishops March, Sing and Train at Pro-Life Conference

“We had to limit the number of people in each diocese who could come,” said one organizer of a pro-life and pro-family conference in Ibadan, Nigeria. Over 1,500 filled the auditorium, and even then people spilled outside.

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Countries Avoid Controversy, Reject Abortion at Women’s Conference

NEW YORK, March 13 (C-Fam) This year – the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Women’s Conference – thousands of delegates and civil society representatives are gathered in New York to…

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C-Fam’s Worst Moments for Life and Family 2014

Unlike its predecessor, 2104 was not a quiet year for life and family. We witnessed a number of new negative developments. The episodes below mostly involve rogue UN experts and officials.

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A Look Back and a Peek Forward

UN radicals are rightly peeved at their lack of progress. This year, like in the previous twenty, they did not advance their agenda on abortion even one syllable beyond what they got at the Cairo Conference in 1994.

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C-Fam’s Five Best Moments for Life and Family in 2014

It is not all bad news at the UN, no matter what you read in the Friday Fax each week! Here is C-Fam’s “Best List” from 2014.

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UN Shifts and Extols Family – But Some Want it Redefined

NEW YORK, December 12 (C-Fam) After decades resisting even mentioning the word, governments and advocates extolled the “family” at two special sessions at the UN last week. This year marks…

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“Sexual Rights” Endangers Efforts to End Child Marriage

A UN panel on ending child marriage got unexpected pushback last week from the star panelist after a “youth specialist” stated people have the “right to sexual pleasure.”

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Hillary Clinton Says the United States Embarrasses Her

NEW YORK, September 19 (C-Fam)  “It is embarrassing, I mean, really, it’s embarrassing.” Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a conference room of international feminists and abortion advocates that…

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