C-Fam’s Five Best Moments for Life and Family in 2014

By Stefano Gennarini, J.D. | December 23, 2014

NEW YORK, December 26 (C-Fam) It is not all bad news at the UN, no matter what you read in the Friday Fax each week! Here is C-Fam’s “Best List” from 2014.

  1. Human Rights Council Adopts Resolution on Protection of the Family.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says the family is the “natural and fundamental unit of society.” But looking around the UN you would be hard pressed to find any evidence of this, and the only time the family gets mentioned anywhere is in reference to family planning. Maybe the times are finally changing. The Geneva based Human Rights Council adopted the first ever resolution to mention the family as a subject of human rights this summer. The resolution is a welcome departure from the usual emphasis. C-Fam delivered a statement of praise to the Council in September for protecting the family and not giving in to demands to redefine the family.

  1. LGBT Agenda Receives Drubbing During International Year of the Family.

The definition of the family as the “natural and fundamental unit of society” from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is intact despite the best efforts of the most powerful countries in the world. The LGBTs are furious because the Declaration covers everything and anything under the sun involving a man and a woman and their biological offspring, but not same-sex couples. This is a tremendous victory for the pro-life pro-family movement. Just like last year, the General Assembly, EOCOSOC, and the Human Rights Council, all rejected the phrase “various forms of the family.” As is evident from the statements of the EU, USA lamenting its exclusion, this qualifier to the UDHR definition of family is meant to trick UN member states into committing to uphold same-sex relations. C-Fam has been telling delegates why “varous forms of the family” is not the same as “the family.”

  1. The 20th Anniversary of Cairo Underwhelms

For two decades governments have been spending billions and billions of dollars on sexual and reproductive health policies thank to commitments in the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). The conference has ended up becoming the mechanism to fund a powerful global abortion lobby hell-bent on making the world inhospitable to babies. This year, C-Fam called out UNFPA for purporting that abortion is essential for development. The good news is governments don’t consider the Cairo Conference a high priority, as was evident earlier this year when world leaders in town for the kick-off of General Assembly dissed an ICPD commemorative event that took years and millions of dollars to plan.

  1. U.S. Senate Upholds U.S. Sovereignty and International Law, refuses to Ratify UN Treaty Without Good Reason.

Much was at stake earlier this year when U.S. Senators weighed taking another vote on the UN disabilities treaty. When unelected and unaccountable UN officials wield UN treaties, unscrupulously trampling on the sovereign rights of the American people only the Senate can protect us from international law. C-Fam has been working with Senators throughout the deliberations informing them of the problems with the treaty. C-Fam’s Susan Yoshihara testified before the Foreign Affairs Committee last year about the abuses of national sovereignty and international law that take place within the Human Rights System, and C-Fam led a campaign against ratification involving over 48 organizations because of concern that the treaty, the first to ever include the term “sexual and reproductive health”, would be used to pressure countries to make abortion a right.

  1. C-Fam Receives Consultative Status at the UN!

Imagine Russia speaking in favor of a Catholic inspired pro-life organization on the floor of the United Nations. Impossible? Not so much. That is what happened when C-Fam was finally recognized as an organization deserving of consultative status with the United Nations earlier this year; a designation that enables organizations to participate more fully in UN deliberations. It took many anxious moments where we thought it would not happen. It was a truly remarkable process where we witnessed both the impossible and the shameful. C-Fam was one of a handful of pro-life organizations to receive consultative status, but many unscrupulous organizations, including the Kinsey Institute were also given a seat at the table.