Proposed Law Would Ban Foreign Critics of LGBT

A bill recently passed out of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee would allow the federal government to block U.S. visas for foreign individuals who criticize or otherwise work against the LGBT movement.

WHO Downgrades Warnings on Depo, Concerns Remain

In response to the results of a large-scale trial, the World Health Organization (WHO) has revised its recommendation for the use of the injectable contraceptive Depo Provera, removing warnings that it might be linked to increased risk of HIV infection.

G7 Rejects Abortion Language in Final Communique

G7 leaders of the world’s largest economies rejected the recommendation of an advisory panel that abortion language be included among the group’s final communiques.

UN Human Rights Experts Continue to Lobby for Abortion

According to a UN expert, countries must decriminalize abortion as part of their efforts to eliminate violence against women in obstetric settings, and, “at the very minimum,” legalize it in certain exceptional cases.

Can White House and GOP Senators Protect Pro-Life Policy?

Before lawmakers left Washington for the August recess, they passed a major budget bill increasing the federal budget and lifting the debt ceiling for two years.

U.S. Uses UN Mechanism to Pressure Countries on Homosexuality

The U.S. State Department is using a little-known UN mechanism to pressure governments to change their laws on sexual practices related to “sexual orientation and gender identity.” 

Will White House Women’s Initiative be Hijacked by Abortion and Gender Advocates?

Democratic Congresswoman Lois Frankel spoiled the White House plans for a controversy-free event last week when she took to the podium and said women can’t be empowered without contraception and abortion.

C-Fam Applauds U.S. Decision to Withhold Funding to UNFPA

The Trump administration should be commended for once again withholding funding for the United Nations Population Fund. The agency’s work in support of family planning agencies that carry out coercive…

Critics Question New Study Asserting U.S. Policy Increases Abortion in Africa

According to a new article published in The Lancet Global Health, so-called Mexico City Policy is linked to increased abortions in sub-Saharan Africa, due to reduced contraceptive use and more unintended pregnancies. 

WHO Report Endorses Do-it-Yourself Abortion

The idea of self-induced abortion has a long history as a scare tactic in legal debates over abortion both in the United States and around the world.