Lecture on “She Decides” Fund Reveals Effectiveness of U.S. Mexico City Policy

A European fund established this year to undermine the pro-life U.S. Mexico City Policy might end up vindicating it.

Dangerous Abortion Drug Pulled in France Still Pushed on Global South

France announced its intention to withdraw the drug Cytotec from its market by March 2018 after reports of hemorrhaging, ruptured uteruses, and birth defects from off-label use for labor induction and abortion. 

Under Pressure, Tech Giants Drop Opposition to Anti-Trafficking Bill 

A bill to protect minor girls from sex traffickers who sell them online is a step closer to becoming law after Google and other giant tech companies reversed course this week and dropped opposition.

The Resurgence and Rebranding of Population Control

Population control proponents have found a way to regain some of their respectability in the public square by using the framing and metrics of family planning advocates. But the tactic requires dubious metrics and raises a host of ethical questions.

Proposed U.S. Legislation Seeks to Save Lives by Preventing Them

A bill before the U.S. Senate enjoys broad bi-partisan support due to its ambition to save sixteen million lives. Critics argue that many of the lives “saved” would never exist, and that the law would funnel billions into abortion groups rather than into life-saving health care.

The Saint Children of Fatima Bring Their Message To Washington, D.C. 

The first-ever visit of the UN Pilgrim Statue of Fatima to the U.S. capital last week reminded Washingtonians that politics demands principles, and principled leaders.

Democrats Use Senate Bill to Attack Trump Overseas Pro-life Protections

A U.S. Senate committee passed an amendment last week that would wipe out all of President Donald J. Trump’s pro-life protections in foreign aid.

U.S. Ban on Transsexuals in Military Goes into Effect

Making good on his July announcement, President Donald Trump has formally directed the U.S. military to reinstitute the longstanding ban on transsexuals serving in the armed forces, though the new policy stops short of removing currently serving transsexuals.

Google Attempts to Block Bill to Hold Sex-Traffickers Accountable

Google and the tech lobby are working to derail the passage of a bill to protect girls from online sex traffickers.

Trump Bans Transgenders in Military

President Donald Trump announced via Tweet last week that as Commander in Chief he was banning the gender confused from serving in the U.S. military.