The Rights of the Child: Parents, Science, and Experience

On Friday, October 7, 2016 at 10 AM – 12 PM

A special roundtable convened in conjunction with the 71st UNGA session

October 7, 2016 10 AM – 12 PM
Conference Room 6 UN Headquarters, NY



Mark Regnerus, Ph.D. is associate professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin, a research associate of the university’s Population Research Center, and a senior fellow at the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture. His areas of research are sexual behavior and family formation. He’s the author of two books (2007 and 2011) on the sexual behavior of teenagers and young adults.

Robert Oscar Lopez, Ph.D. co-edited the 2015 volume Jephthah’s Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Family Equality, the 2011 monograph The Colorful Conservative, and over 100 other articles and columns in venues such as Public Discourse, Federalist, Daily Caller, and First Things. He is Professor of Humanities at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Katy Faust is the Washington State leader of CanaVox and serves on the Academic and Testimonial Councils for the International Children’s Rights Institute, where she works to refocus the debate on family structure away from the desires of adults toward one which prioritizes the rights of children. In 2012 Katy began blogging about children’s needs and family structure at Her articles have appeared in USA Today, Public Discourse, and she has filed two amicus briefs opposing the redefinition of marriage. She currently appears in a video series called Dear Katy which offers advice on how to live sexual integrity in the midst of morally permissive cultures. She is married and the mother of four children, the youngest of whom is adopted from China.

Matt Doran, after discovering the truth about his conception as an anonymous ‘donor’ conceived person Matt Doran founded the free social network DonorChildren helps connect people involved in third party reproduction (3PR) including biological and social parents, offspring, journalists, and researchers with the mission to create a support community for those affected by 3PR, match and connect lost biological family, and create an organized platform. He and his sister Katy are rumored to have over 500 siblings through their father Dr. Kip Wendler from the University of Kansas Medical Center and hope to find as many siblings and extended family members as they can.

Katy Doran received her undergraduate degrees in Journalism and Business Administration from the University of Florida. After working as a fellow and Philanthropy Associate for the John Jay Institute, she currently serves as Operations Manager for CanaVox, a reading group program founded by mothers that supports the rights and needs of children. On the side, Katy works alongside Alana Newman at the Coalition Against Reproductive Trafficking to publicly speak about the harms of donor conception. She takes every opportunity to share how the separation of family harms its members and is an advocate for donor conceived people, holistic healing and natural family planning. Susan Yoshihara, Ph.D. (Moderator) is C-Fam’s Senior Vice President for Research. She earned her Ph.D. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. She was a twenty-year veteran of the Navy where she flew rescue helicopters in the Gulf War. She was a White House Fellow, and a professor of international relations at the Naval War College. She is the author of two books, Waging War to Make Peace: U.S. Intervention in Global Conflicts (Praeger, 2010) and Population Decline and the Remaking of Great Power Politics (Potomac Books, 2012).

A friendly interactive discussion will follow the panel.

The Group of Friends of the Family: Bangladesh, Belarus, Comoros, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Tajikisatan, Turkmenistan, Yemen, Uganda, Zimbabwe

This event is co-sponsored by the Civil Society for the Family, a coalition of over 160 organizations around the world that recognize the importance of the family for all individuals and society at large, but most especially for children.

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