Youngsters Tout Woke at UN Conference

By | April 27, 2023

NEW YORK, April 28 (C-Fam) For a few decades leftwing NGOs and UN agencies have paid all expenses for young people to come to the UN for indoctrination. Panels are held, documents are written. It happened again this week. A United Nations Youth Forum brought together “climate warriors” from around the globe, this time to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

The ECOSOC Youth Forum featured young social justice warriors and UN advocates who are all spun up about the world coming to an end over “climate change,” “gender inequality” and water. The inevitable document, Our Common Agenda says youth are primary means for the implementation of the SDG’s.

“The critical young people have become a driving force for societal change through social mobilization – pushing for climate action, seeking racial justice, promoting gender equality and demanding dignity for all…By advocating for their active inclusion in policy spaces, young people provide diverse perspectives that improve and inform critical decisions.”

The main youth speakers at the forum were hand-picked by the UN and dubbed “SDG Young Leaders.” At a ministerial round table with country representatives, Venezuelan activist, Alejandro Daly, emphasized the need for what is the newest buzzword for the woke crowd, intersectionality.  He told ministers, “We are young, we are indigenous, we are brown, black, we are queer,” and that our future world must be “better than the world our parents sadly gave us.” A transgender activist told ministers to “have a specific LGBTQ+ funding strategy for countries” to include gay/trans activist in policymaking.

One career “child rights activist” was only 11 years of age.  Faatiha Ayaat, addressed a plenary session on the right of access to WASH menstruation resources—WASH is a catch-all term for water and hygiene facilities that include highly contentious policies, and was spoken about frequently at the forum.  Whether they know it or not, Fatihaa and other UN youth activists advocate for UN policies embedded with sexual ideology. Documents with WASH protocols and data from UNESCO, WHO, USAID, and other agencies, define menstruation to include novel gender categories. In one UNICEF document, “menstruators” are “those who menstruate and therefore have menstrual health and hygiene needs – including girls, women, transgender and non-binary persons.”

A key and unsettling message from leaders was a call for every young person to don the mantle of climate and gender activism to prevent the impending climate crisis and human rights violations. A Brazilian youth leader told the audience that youth are responsible for “establishing new forms of global governance,” ensuring one’s own rights, and embodying “solutions” to the problems from previous generations. Other admonishments included, “change is coming. Will you be a part of this change, or not?,” and, “we all know how to fight the climate crisis, but how many are actually fighting against it? Raise your hands and say ‘no’ to climate crisis!”

The ECOSOC Youth Forum served as a follow-up to the UN Water conference and preparatory meeting for the SDG Summit held in September 2023. While there were no official negotiations, youth messaging and priorities from the forum are expected to appear in the SDG Summit Political Declaration.

As this was a UN meeting, organized by the left, competing voices were nowhere to be found.