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By Super User | March 17, 2013
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The International Organizations Research Group (IORG) was established in 2001 at Center for Family & Human Rights Institute (C-Fam) in New York City.

IORG is dedicated to advancing a deeper understanding of social policies advanced at the international level in order to protect and promote better national policies regarding human life, the family, religious freedom, and human rights.

IORG conducts, promotes and publishes research and acts as a resource and support for the activity of non-governmental organizations, governments, and policy makers through its various initiatives. IORG commissions scholars from disciplines such as international relations, law, medicine, political philosophy, and security studies. IORG’s flagship publication is its series of white papers examining the activities of United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and other international institutions. Studies include the advancement of an international right to abortion through the work of UN human rights treaty bodies, the effects of demographic decline on national power and international security, and the challenge to subsidiarity in Europe presented by the European Union’s social agenda.

IORG scholars and C-Fam senior fellows convene conferences and chair panels regularly at various academic conferences to engage a broad range of scholars and practitioners, and have been invited to present their findings to government officials in the United States and Europe.