ACTION ALERT: Abortion Advocates Seek to Sway Trump on Mexico City Policy with Faulty Arguments

By | December 2, 2016

International abortion advocates report that they are trying to convince the incoming Trump administration not reinstate the 1984 Mexico City Policy. Their arguments are false and it is essential that they be refuted and the merits of Policy be understood, especially by the incoming administration. The Policy proved highly effective during the administration of George W. Bush. It directed funding toward the real needs of women and children and away from controversial, unnecessary, and unwanted interventions such as abortion. Health workers in developing countries reported that maternal and child health programs benefited directly due to the Mexico City Policy.

The Policy requires that grantees of U.S. foreign aid for family planning do not perform or actively promote abortions. It was rescinded under Democratic administrations and reinstated by Republicans. This has led some to characterize it as a “political football,” but in fact it is a very effective tool, based upon sound American values and faith in human potential.