Even Political Left Frustrated with US Focus on Everything Homosexual

By | September 8, 2016

WASHINGTON DC, September 9 (C-Fam) Even the left is coming to realize that the aggressive stance of the Obama administration on the homosexual agenda in foreign policy has come to harm the issue. An essay in the prestigious journal Foreign Affairs is the latest.

The Obama administration considers the homosexual agenda as “part of the DNA” of American foreign policy. The US has been very aggressive in promoting that agenda even in countries that do not want it.

The homosexual rainbow flag has flown over American embassies around the world, even in Muslim countries. The Catholic Church in the Dominican Republic has called for the ouster of the homosexual US Ambassador for his aggressive stance on an issue that offends everyday Dominicans.

The US actually cancelled military exercises with our African allies in Uganda for its conservative laws on same-sex issues. Uganda is a principle ally of the US in that region in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism. Homosexual activists in Uganda blame Obama’s aggression on passage of even more conservative laws on homosexual issues.

Amman, Jordan-based journalist Aaron Magid explains that much of the Middle East opposes homosexuality, “including 95% of Egyptians and 97% of Jordanians.” He writes such an aggressive stance on homosexual issues “contradicts the wishes of many [homosexual and gender confused] people actually living the Arab Middle East.”

Madid reports that in 2015 U.S. Ambassador to Jordan, Alice Wells, “attended a small event in Amman organized by members of the local [homosexual and gender confused] community. Many Jordanians were outraged and after her public appearance a number of [homosexual and gender confused] individuals were violently harassed.”

A local blogger named “Ahmad” said that “Wells’ visit undermined initiatives, such as support groups, that the local [homosexual and gender confused] community had been promoting.” The homosexual agenda is seen in Jordan, one of the U.S.’s most important allies in the region,  as a “foreign agenda.”

The blogger “Ahmad” says the Jordanian homosexual and gender confused community does not want the U.S. fighting its fight for them, that they can take care of themselves and that U.S. intervention only makes matters worse.

In fact, the spread of the homosexual agenda is very much a foreign, that is, a U.S. and European intervention in traditional societies. When he spoke the UN a year ago, Pope Francis warned diplomats about what he called “ideological colonialization.” The African Bishops have complained about the same thing for years.

Magid, writing in Foreign Affairs, points out there are many human rights issues the U.S. can attend to in Jordan, including “85,000 Syrian refugees trapped on Jordan’s border.”

The US focus on the concerns of a group that numbers no more than 1.6% of the largely homosexual friendly US and Europe is a puzzle to many in the Middle East and Africa. Privately, diplomats from those regions express ongoing shock and outrage that so much of their time in UN meetings is taken up with this issue, especially since there are so many other more important and pressing issues.