Second Source Confirms Obama Intends to Force Federal Grant Recipients to Accept LGBT Applications

By | September 9, 2015

WASHINGTON DC, September 10 (C-Fam) A second source has come forward to confirm earlier Friday Fax reporting that the Obama administration intends to force Catholic and other Christian groups to accept LGBT applicants in hiring.

The source, who insists upon anonymity, described a meeting held for department and agency heads at the Old Executive Office Building next to the White House where they were informed of the change in policy.

An official from the Obama administration told the group that they would be required to add “sexual orientation and gender identity” to hiring guidelines for grant recipients, just the same as the Administration mandated for Federal contractors a year ago.

The source reported to the Friday Fax that any organization receiving the grant could not discriminate based on ‘sexual orientation and gender identity” in the hiring of an employee that worked on the program funded by the grant or in seeking subcontractors. Additionally, they could not discriminate based on ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ when implementing the respective program.”

When the Friday Fax first reported this change last May the administration, through the National Security Council, denied the change in policy. Various faith-based groups who are Federal grant recipients also received denials from their administration contacts.

Our source says the administration is lying when they deny such a change is in the works.

The first source who came to the Friday Fax in May said agencies were being asked to accept this new policy without an Executive Order and that the State Department legal office has advised the White House this would not be a legal matter but a matter of simply changing policy.

Federal contracting affects relatively few faith-based groups. It is under Federal grants that Catholic and Evangelical groups receive Federal money. There are many more, some say 50-1, grant recipients than Federal contractors. It is under Federal grants that faith-based groups assist poor people in the United States and around the world.

The Friday Fax reported in May that some Federal agencies are hesitant to make the change but because of pressure from the White House are reluctant to say so.

Such a change could be profoundly harmful to such groups that will now be dragged into the public fight over “sexual orientation and gender identity” where one government official has been jailed, and small business owners have been fined and harassed out of business for resisting the new sexual orthodoxy.

The second source who came to the Friday Fax last month says Friday Fax reporting and subsequent storm of criticism last May caused the administration to slow the process down but that the intention remains to force faith-based groups to accept applications and therefore employment of those who publicly oppose Christian teaching on human sexuality and marriage.

It is likely that some groups, perhaps many, will have to pull back from Federal funding and close certain programs that now help the poor in Africa and elsewhere.