Sexual Left Organizes Against Pro-Life Nominee to the UN

By | August 8, 2019

NEW YORK, August 9 (C-Fam) Rarely if ever has a nominee for federal office answered the abortion question as clearly, succinctly, and even bravely as Andrew Bremberg did last month before the Senator Foreign Relations Committee.

Bremberg, nominated to be U.S. Ambassador the UN in Geneva, was grilled about abortion by Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) who went immediately to the rape question, specifically about a recent Security Council debate that saw some delegations attempting to include a right to abortion for women raped in war. This would have been the first time abortion entered into a Security Council resolution. The Trump administration killed it.

Bremberg said, “I do not believe abortion is a moral solution to any problem. I am pro-life. All human life is sacred. Human life begins at conception.”

Menedez accused Bremberg of believing raped women “have no rights.” Bremberg responded “Senator, I find that suggestion horrific to suggest a rape victim has no rights. Any suggestion that I do not care for victims of rape I find horrendous. I have had family members who were raped, Senator.”

Bremberg’s nomination has drawn the ire of a relatively small number of extreme abortion groups including Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes International, National Organization for Women, and the National Abortion Federation. They and others sent a group letter demanding the Committee kill Bremberg’s nomination.

The groups make several claims including that abortion is a recognized human right, and therefore, Bremberg is out of step with international law. In fact, abortion is mentioned nowhere in any hard law treaty and has not been established in customary international law. For their claim, abortion proponents rely on what they call the “authoritative interpretations” of UN treaty monitoring bodies. Such bodies have no authority to rewrite or reinterpret hard-law treaties.

The groups were especially angry that Bremberg had spoken favorably of “natural law and natural rights” and in favor of the new Commission on Unalienable Rights just created by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. This is proof, the groups say, that Bremberg believes certain rights supersede other rights. This generally means long-established rights, like freedom of religion, supersede new rights claims like “sexual orientation and gender identity” that have never been agreed to by sovereign states. They say natural rights language is used by “extremist” group to curtail a plethora of what they see as new rights.

Bremberg was also questioned about the $2 billion reduction in U.S. aid for humanitarian purposes. He pointed out the United States is now and would remain the global leader in humanitarian causes and that the administration expects other governments to begin paying their fair share.

Until recently, Bremberg directed the Domestic Policy Council in the White House where he was a close adviser to President Trump and was a strong influence all over the Federal Government.

Bremberg, a Catholic educated at Franciscan University at Steubenville and the Catholic University of America School of Law, has been quite open about his opposition to abortion.

In his role working on the presidential transition for the Department of Health and Human Services, Bremberg is credited with stocking this crucial federal agency with a dream team of social conservatives.

Bremberg was supposed to get a vote in August, but his nomination is being held at least until September by Senator Menendez.