Worst Moments for Human Life and the Family at the UN in 2017

By | December 21, 2017

NEW YORK, December 22 (C-Fam) Of many bad moments for the unborn child and the natural family, five stand out in 2017.

1.    Human Rights Committee Denies Unborn Children Have Right to Life

The Human Rights Committee in Geneva inched one step closer to excluding unborn children from the right to life in a draft legal commentary it discussed in November. Though not binding, abortion groups and their government and judicial allies will use the commentary to challenge and overturn legal protections for unborn children. The United States, Russia, Japan, Egypt, and Malta protested. More than 100 pro-life groups and scholars pleaded with the committee, including C-Fam [publisher of the Friday Fax] and Civil Society for the Family. The committee did not relent.

2. UN System Joins Anti-American Abortion Campaign

The UN System joined an anti-American abortion scheme led by European activists in March after President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy. The U.S. policy strips abortion groups of U.S. taxpayer funds. It is so effective that European governments immediately pledged $200 million to bail out the abortion industry with the “She Decides” campaign. The UN Population Fund, UN Women, the UN human rights bureaucracy, and other UN entities led the conference that launched the campaign. Members of Congress will decide whether UN entities that challenge U.S. policy and mock the U.S. President should retain U.S. support.

3. International Law Kills Charlie Gard

The world watched in horror as the young British family of infant Charlie Gard was denied the right to seek treatment in the U.S. last summer. Charlie was killed by doctors and judges who thought his life was not worth living. Worse, they plotted his death using the controversial “best interest of the child” standard to strip his parents of the authority to decide how to best care for him. According to this international human rights standard, the best interest of the child must be determined by doctors, judges, and government bureaucrats, not parents. His death will not have been in vain though. The horrific spectacle the U.K. doctors and judges put on was a wake-up call for parents all around the world.

4. LGBT Czar Polarizes UN System and Weakens International Cooperation

The UN system institutionalized LGBT activism in a close and contentious vote on the establishment of a UN independent expert on violence and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity last December. It was done over the objections of nearly half the members of the General Assembly, who now deny the legitimacy of this mandate. In January the newly appointed expert met with the UN system to make sure the UN bureaucracy is on board with the LGBT agenda. Last summer he published a report that misrepresented international law and the positions of countries opposed to his mandate. In December he was replaced.

5. Vatican Academy for Science Features Abortion and Population Control Advocates

Pro-lifers are used to abortion and population control advocates like Paul Ehrlich saying the most outrageous and inhuman things. But they were deeply troubled when they heard them at a conference in the Vatican this year. Two Vatican conferences drew attention to human population numbers as a problem, something unthinkable a few years ago. Sadly, the validation of population control advocates at the Vatican coincides with the rapid resurgence of population control as a tool to achieve sustainable development in UN debates.