The World Health Organization’s Abortion Agenda

By Andrew Essig | May 24, 2010

In this paper the author Andrew Essig endeavors to show how far the World Health Organization (WHO) has come from its original mandate, to expose the degree to which the abortion agenda has permeated its ideology, and who is providing the funding to promote it. The paper examines how WHO has emphasized family planning, including abortion, by eschewing other aims. All of this to the detriment of that institution’s effectiveness and reputation. Finally, it offers recommendations for concerned policy makers in donor and recipient nations.

Dr. Essig’s paper provides a well-deserved critique of the way the world’s premier health organization has become the world’s top abortion advocate. In so doing, Dr. Essig adds his voice to an ongoing debate about what WHO recipient nations can do to protect their pro-life laws and policies from WHO interventions.