Young Scholars Series:

Could GMO Classification Facilitate the Global Trafficking of Human Embryos for Scientific Research?

February 2, 2015

Young Scholar: Andrew S. Kubick

Andrew Kubick is a graduate of Holy Apostles College & Seminary with a degree in Theology, concentrating in Bioethics. He has served as a research intern, policy analyst, and Edmund Burke Fellow for C-Fam. He is currently enrolled in post-graduate studies at Holy Apostles and is an instructor of Religion in Northern Virginia.


Scientific research has created the tools and the fertility industry has created the market for procedures that are threaten to redefine the concept of human procreation – creating huge ethical dilemmas in the process.  Edmund Burke Fellow Andrew Kubick explores the potential for the exploitation of loopholes in international regulations to facilitate the trafficking of human embryos as “genetically modified organisms.”

He calls upon those drafting future treaties and declarations to clearly define the human embryo as a human being, with rights and protections under international law, while describing some of the potential perils of failing to do this. He furthermore argues that all human cloning – whether for reproduction or research – is a violation of the rights of the embryos destroyed or manipulated in the process.