BREAKING: U.S. Congressmen Complain to UN About Blocking Pro-life Groups

By | March 14, 2022

Sima Sami Bahous, Executive Director for UN Women UN Photo/Manuel Elías

NEW YORK, March 14 (C-Fam) Twenty-five U.S. Congressmen have joined 400 international groups, and almost 9,000 individuals complaining to the UN that pro-life groups are being blocked from participating in a UN process connected to a major negotiation.

The letter, organized by Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO), and sent to UN Women Executive Director, says, “It has come to our attention that NGO CSW has repeatedly denied the parallel event applications of several pro-life and pro-family organizations in recent years.”

The letter continues, “NGO CSW informed these organizations it was because their events and ideas did not ‘align with NGO CSW’ values.” The letter calls these developments “very troubling.”

Representative Boebert told the Friday Fax, “UN Women receives $11.3 million dollars every year from the American taxpayers, and if they wish to continue to receive those funds, they should immediately change course and allow organizations like C-Fam to participate in future summits.”

The UN Commission on the Status of Women, which will negotiate a non-binding document that will later appear at the UN General Assembly, began meeting this week, along with “parallel” events hosted by non-profit advocacy groups. In years past, conservative groups were allowed to host panels but not this year.

Pro-life and pro-family groups began getting rejection letters earlier this year and in comparing notes, the group realized all conservative groups have been rejected. At the same time, on a listserv of NGO CSW, there have been increasing calls to have conservative groups kicked out of the UN altogether.

While NGO CSW is a project of “civil society”, it gets its mandate from UN Women, the $1 billion a year UN agency dedicated to left wing feminism. As such, NGO CSW is acting as an agent of the United Nations.

The precedent for blocking pro-life and pro-family groups from UN processes was set in 2019 when the UN Population Fund blocked such groups from the Nairobi Summit on reproductive health.

One of the main issues for the left is that pro-life groups have been so successful over the years in blocking the radical feminist agenda. Though feminists have tried for more than 25 years to garner a global right to abortion, they have failed in no small part because of the persistence of pro-life groups.

In the current debate, feminists have said the presence of pro-life groups makes them feel “unsafe” and that the Commission on the Status of Women is their own bailiwick. They say they have the right to keep out those who disagree.

As the Boebert letter says, “…[it seems] as though UN Women and Member States are no longer interested in facilitating inclusive and respectful dialogue on issues that affect women and, instead, want to enforce a king of global feminist orthodoxy, siding with powerful governments and special interests who want to silence pro-life and pro-family organizations…”

The document under discussion starting this week is loaded with leftwing language, including language promoting abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and much else. These are highly controversial topics at the UN and have never been accepted by the consensus of the General Assembly. It is expected that most, if not all, will be removed during negotiations. It might happen that the meeting will end without agreement at all, as has happened in other commissions over such controversial language.